Raw Pleasure

Chamucha Kombucha is a sophisticated kombucha, a fermented naturally sparkling tea with a gourmet taste and probiotic benefits, made in Switzerland of only natural organic ingredients.

It is unique, as it has been made from a passionate ambition to create a beverage with the desirable complexity of wine, which matches gourmet eating and at the same time is low in sugar and contains beneficial acids, enzymes and antioxidants which can aid in digestion and support the immune system.


Enjoy it in place of sugary soft drinks or as an alternative to wine and alcohol, when you do not feel like boozing.

Chamucha Kombucha is of high nutritional value without compromising on taste.


Simply tasty,
healthy and honest

Good ingredients are the essence of great flavors.

When creating Chamucha Kombucha drinks, we are passionate about capturing the simplicity and flavor of nourishing and natural ingredients.


We want to retain the many benefits of kombucha, with its probiotics, flora and nutritional value, to keep it as beneficial for your body as we can.


Therefore the ingredients used in our kombucha are hand selected, and we only use organic tea and raw organic sugar.


Focus is on taste and we ferment the tea with herbs and flowers, which yield a roundness and depth of flavor not found in tea. We use verbena, rose, elderflower, chamomile, thyme, pine needles and spices from Switzerland, all picked on local hunting.

We also handcraft, ferment and bottle our kombucha in small batches locally.


“At Noma, we brew kombucha as effervescent and vibrant bases for some of the juice parings
that many of our diners choose in place of
- or sometimes in addition to - wine pairings.
Kombucha has been incredible for opening up the range of our drink service at Noma