Chamucha Kombucha is available in gourmet restaurants in Switzerland as well as online.


Primarily we make to order 'en primeur' to ensure the freshness and highest quality and avoid shelf life. Our products are natural and extremely pure, free from artificial preservatives or additives normally used to prolong the shelf life of beverages.

If you are interested in becoming a stockist or have other inquiries, send us a note!


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Chamucha Varieties

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Is golden, wheat-coloured, clear, has a fresh sweetness and delicate ginger flavour with a touch of flowers and aftertaste of rose.

Food pairing
For the salty kitchen; Asian dishes as well as the sweet kitchen with apple and pear desserts, tarte tatin, pickled plums with vanilla ice cream.

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Is unfiltered and appears honey coloured in the glass. Tart, fatty with a spicy aftertaste of rose and honey.

Food pairing

For Indian and other exotic spicy dishes, tapas and salads as well as light meats.

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Is berry red and appears salmon pink and unfiltered in the glass. Is full-bodied and has a balanced camouflaged sweetness. Dry and strong with a spicy aftertaste of pepper.


Food pairing

Pork, grill dishes and vegetables with spices.

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Is unfiltered and appears golden in the glass. It has a distinctive sweetness, is round and full with a sour fruit flavour, has a floral scent and a vanilla aftertaste.

Food pairing

Fish and light poultry dishes, hazelnuts, sweet vegetables such as carrots, corn and pumpkins.