Tradition + innovation

Chamucha Kombucha is made by combining tradition and innovation.


Tradition by using the ancient beverage that began as a time-honoured tea ritual over 2000 years ago in China and has been brewed and passed on by many generations, loved for its reviving taste and health properties.

Some even call it 'the elixir of life'.

Innovation by rethinking and sophisticating kombucha in a new reality.

Chamucha Kombucha creates an uncompromising and surprising gastronomic experience, which offers an alternative, when great food is matched with great drinks. By using locally produced ingredients, each brew has a scent and a taste, which mirrors that culture and region. Making it unique and diverse.


Kombucha is a raw living tea, made through adding a SCOBY (a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) to tea, raw cane sugar and water.


The combination of these elements triggers the fermentation process, metabolizing the sugars into a unique range of health-giving enzymes, probiotics and antioxidants. This gives us the legacy of kombucha: a naturally energizing and detoxifying shot of energy for your body.


As it is made using microorganisms, kombucuha is claimed to have health promoting effects and to have fought several diseases for decades.


Health benefits

The naturally occurring probiotics created in the fermentation process has demonstrated to aid gut healing.


Widely kombucha is also regarded as an overall digestive health drink.

We do not claim any effects, but refer to specialists and to your own gut feeling in trying kombucha and experiencing the effects.


The history

According to an ancient myth, the first known kombucha was invented by the Qin Dynasty for the Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi in 221 BC.


It was called “The Tea of Immortality” or “Elixir of Life”, used to keep the emperor young and healthy.