Oolong Kombucha * Pine Needles & Juniper

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  • This kombucha is made from a truly magnificent tea, with white leaf tips crowning the Oolong leaf. During the second fermentation, a complex blend of juniper berries and pine needles are introduced endorsing the fine Oolong taste.


    It’s pale and delightfully clear, and the taste is crisp, and most obviously associated with pine and juniper but is also herbaceous and floral, which lingers on the palette for a long time, leaving you with a delicious aftertaste.


    Food pairing
    The crisp tang of this Chamucha fits beautifully against tomatoes, whose edgy acidity can sometimes unsettle with most wine and drinks. So, tomato-based sauces for pasta, salsas, salads, gazpacho suit well. Other good tomato-accented options include fish, chicken and salads prepared with cool green herbs, and it’s also a good match for scallops and sushi.