Chamucha Kombucha is available only in gourmet restaurants in Switzerland.

But the next few months will be a challenge for all of us and indeed our community of gourmet restaurants and bars. The joy they bring of human interaction, celebration and flavor curiosity has now been taken away from us. The experience of enjoying a Chamucha is gone...


Or changed...  we have designed the Sommelier Chamucha Collections to be delivered and enjoyed at home, as journeys into the Chamucha concept. These special flavors have been developed in small batches for sommeliers and should have matched their seasonal dishes and menus for the next months.


Now, you get the opportunity at home to discover, how you can pair the professional kombuchas with your favorite dishes, and how you can try them as drinks and cocktails with or without alcohol. Experiment. Play. Enjoy.

In the hopes of getting Chamucha to you wherever you are at home, due to a quiet world, we are offering 20% off each order and free shipping in Switzerland, using the code StayHome in checkout.

At the moment, we have 3 collections available.

Chamucha Collections

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