The Story

Situated in Luzern, possibly one of the cleanest and most Insta-friendly cities in Europe, Chamucha Kombucha is a unique micro brewery creating raw fermented kombucha.

Each small batch of our premium living probiotic drink is hand blended, individually brewed to a bespoke recipe taking over two months to mature and bottled at just the right time.


Introducing delicate natural flavors, the traditional kombucha is sophisticated and unfolds it potential, resulting in every batch being a signature blend of living gourmet probiotics.


At Chamucha Kombucha we appreciate simplicity and believe things should be done right or not at all.


We never force fermentation, artificially carbonate, add stevia, preservatives or additives. And we would never brew or bottle in plastic.

This is as real as it gets.


Chamucha Kombucha is served at top gourmet restaurants, offering an alternative, when good food must be accompanied by good drinks.

Bürgenstock Resort
Bettina Röösli | Group Purchasing Director

"Mit Chamucha Kombucha bieten wir useren Gästen in der Verbena Bar, der ersten Temperenz-Hotelbar der Schweiz, eine attraktive Alternative zu alkoholischen Getränken an.

Höchster Qualität und hervorragender Geschmack zeichnen das Getränk aus."

"With Chamucha Kombucha, we offer our guests an attractive alternative to alcoholic beverages in the Verbena Bar, the first temperance hotel bar in Switzerland.

Highest quality and excellent taste characterize the drink."

"It not only makes me feel good

it also has a great taste and answers
my needs for an alternative to the sweet soft drinks, or when the third glass of water is simply not enough in the afternoon."

"Kombucha has a tempting tradition, which in the making of Chamucha Kombucha has been combined with innovation: rethinking and sophisticaing the drink in a very new reality without compromising on quality and taste."